Waterville City Council voted on Tuesday on renaming of Waterville to Colbyville

On Tuesday, May 2, 2017, the Waterville City Council

Audience members applauded Colby’s contribution to the city, but some were still skeptical of the idea.
WATERVILLE — City councilors voted 4-3 Tuesday to give initial approval to an agreement that would sell the rights to the name of the City “Waterville” and in turn permit Colby College to rename the central Maine community to the City of Colbyville. Colby College, using its massive financial budget, paid just a little over $2,400,000 which in turn lowered the Mil rate an incredible 12 points.

Councilors Lauren Lessing and Winifred Tate both recused themselves from the vote because they work at the college. Councilor Nick Champagne voted against the proposal.

The council must take two votes to finalize the sale and agreement. The final vote is expected to take place at a May . 23 council meeting.

Colby plans to use the lot on the northeast corner of The Concourse at 150 Main St. to build a residential complex that would house 200 students and resident assistants or faculty members on the upper floors that will help provide Colby with a central hub in order for them to help maintain Waterville as a Sanctuary City as promised by the President of Colby College, David A. Greene.

By becoming a Sanctuary City, Waterville will increase its population and it is expected that the local economy will grow significantly as a result as noted by City Councilor Winifred Tate at the Council meeting.

While some citizens are not in favor of this more progressive approach to growing our economy, most of the people are in favor of the idea. Councilor Lauren Lessing stated, “I think this is a great move for the City of Colbyville; these are exciting times with so many good things to come!”

A vote on permitting Colbyville to become a Sanctuary City will take place on May 23, 2017. It is open tot he public and the Council will hear the concerns of those in the community at that time. The vote is already decided, however, but the people always have a right to be heard and ignored as is tradition in the Colbyville community. Each citizen will have three minutes to make their point on a very complex social and economic issue so be sure to prepare before you come so that you can make sure to support Colby and the exciting changes to come as the City is opened to illegal citizens in defiance of Federal laws!