SLC, Utah Bountiful,Woods Cross. Kiley Ann O’leary In Deep Sleep

A 15 year old girl, named Kiley Ann O’leary was stabbed and beaten between 5:15pm to 6:00pm on Monday, September 10, 2018. Found almost lifeless laying on the side of the road a mile away from her home. A neighbor spotted her, then notified the cops and parents instantly. Her Mother Angela/Angie K Lynch struggled to tell investigators when she last spoken to her. Angela says “Kiley told me she was going outside to get some fresh air” she also says, she could tell her daughter seemed a little irritated/stressed over something usually causes the “wanting fresh air” Injuries found: stabbed multiple times in the Ribs, right leg, back, and the back of her skull is more than slightly cracked, that lead to bleeding with bruising to her brain (etc.) This Has left Kiley in a coma. There’s still a possibility of this poor girl to stay strong and awake from the deep sleep. This is all the evidence investigators have so far, will update this when we have evidence.